About Me

Thanks for showing interest in collaborating with me. Here’s a quick rundown of my skills, and experience in the Online Content Creation industry.

(Jan 2020 – Present)

Self-Employed Blogger

Skills Gained: The ins and outs of SEO, Blogging, and Online Web Content

(June 2020 – Present)

Self-Employed Freelance Writer

Skills Gained: Client Communication, Writing High-Quality In-Depth Content, Understanding Of Various Writing Styles and Brand Voices, Usage Of Industry-Standard Tools To Refine Content, Improve Productivity and Workflow

(July 2021)

Sold My First Niche Website

Skills Gained: Importance Of Web Asset, Selling A Niche Site, Understanding Of Website Valuation, Best Practices For Running A Profitable Online Business, Importance Of Content In Organic Growth

(Dec 2021)

Used The Profit From The Sale To Build 5 New Niche Websites

Skills Gained: The Art Of Investing, Creating And Managing Multiple Ventures, More In-Depth Understanding Of SEO and Quality Content Creation

(Mar 2022)

Kept Running My Portfolio Of Niche Sites

Skills Gained: Professional Blogging, Keyword Research, Forming Content Strategy, SEO, Quality Content Creation, Content Writer

*Plus Learned A Lot Of New Blogging Skills As I enrolled myself in lot of Online Courses this year

(Jan 2023 – April 2023)

Worked With TopSpeed

Skills Gained: Feature Post, Journalistic Writing, Trending Topics Discovery, Using Content Management Systems, Communicating With Senior And Chief Editors For Effective Content Creation

(Aug 2023 – Present)

Freelance Content Editor At GizmoPlans.com

Skills Gained: Content Editing, Content Audit, Content Formatting, Updating Old Content, Forming Content Strategy

(Sep 2023 – Present)

Freelance Copywriting For WordsAtScale Brand

Skills Gained: Web Copywriting, Email Newsletter Writing, SEO blog content writing,

(Present… to be continued)

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