Hi, My name is Prit Centrago and I’m a Professional Blogger and a Freelance Content Writer. I create helpful, informative, and engaging content for my clients that their readers will love to read. I create content for my clients in the exact same process I use to grow my knowledge and skills.

I started my online journey at the beginning of 2020.

I first encountered Jim & Ricky (Income School) at the start of 2020, and since then, I have been following their teachings, growing my blog, and providing helpful content to my clients.

I have written around 220+ articles myself for my own blogs as well as for my clients. I currently write content for my blogs whenever needed and for my clients.

I have spent “hours and hours” familiarizing myself with the Income School Post Recipe, Wordsmithing the Answer Targets, Strategically Internal Linking, optimizing, creating content, and all sorts of stuff.

And guess what, I have also sometimes outsourced some content for my sites just to get the knowledge. And being a site owner, I know what type of content you ACTUALLY need for the growth of your blog.

What separates me from most others content providers and writers? I have gone through all the steps myself, from:

  • Creating a site,
  • Establishing it,
  • Creating content,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Bringing traffic, and everything.

So I REALLY care about the content I provide to my clients. I know the importance of creating the best possible content that will actually help my client to grow their website.

I’m very friendly at communicating. I believe in a long-term working relationship, so your complete satisfaction will always be my topmost priority.

I have experience working in many niches and writing in the P24 style. Whatever topic you give, I will genuinely research it by reading articles, books, watching videos, and utilizing all sorts of things to educate myself on the subject and deliver the best possible content to you helpful for the readers.

In fact, in my online content creation journey, I also came across great people like Morten Storgaard from Passive Income Geek, and Matt Giovansci from Money Lab.

I have taken:

  • Income School Project 24 Course
  • Passive Income Geek Course by Morten Storgaard
  • The Perfect Post Workshop by Matt Giovanisci from Money Lab

I always try to upgrade my skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends. I utilize all the knowledge and skills I have acquired to create helpful content for clients like YOU!

I believe that the only way to grow online is by delivering value to others and solving their problems through the content.

Thank You. Excited to get started? Contact me with whatever you would like to know about working with me.