So you are interested in monetizing your site with Google Adsense. Being a blogger, I know it’s great to see Adsense ads running on your site. 

But before that, you need to know some necessary requirements for Adsense approval. 

Read on till the end to learn all about it and save yourself from the frustration of getting your site constantly rejected for Adsense.

Here’s How To Get Adsense Approval On Your Blog:

  1. Ensure each post you publish is unique and high-quality.
  2. Each article is long (at least 1000 words) and engaging.
  3. Ensure there are no thin category pages on your website.
  4. Publish enough posts (at least 10) in each category.
  5. Have a clean and properly loading site with a good structure.
  6. Have proper navigation in the header as well as the footer.
  7. Publish all important pages like about us, contacts, and privacy policy.
  8. Link important pages like privacy policy on the header navigation.
  9. Ensure you are above 18 and don’t have content in the restricted list.
  10. Have a systematic publishing schedule by publishing blog posts frequently.

My Experience With Getting Adsense Approval On My Site

On one of my sites, I got AdSense approval on the second attempt.

So the last 30 days’ stats of the blog till the day before I got approval are as follows:

  • Pageviews: 464
  • Users: 189
  • Organic Traffic Users: 171
  • Organic Traffic Pageviews: 211

And I applied for Adsense approval on the 4th month of creating the site. So you can say I got approval on a fairly new site.

If you check the eligibility requirements page of Adsense, you will find that there are no specific guidelines about how much traffic or pageviews are required to get approval. Hence, don’t worry too much about traffic or pageviews.

So let’s discuss what you actually need to consider for getting approved by Google Adsense.

What To Consider For Getting Approved By Google Adsense?

Right off the bat, I want to clarify that I’m not from Google. So everything I will be sharing is based on my experience as a blogger after getting multiple sites approved by Adsense.

Here are some of the key points that can help you get Adsense approval:

#1. Do You Have Enough Content Pieces On Your Website In Each Category?


There are no specific requirements for no. of articles to have on your website. 

I got approved by Google Adsense on my second attempt, and at that time, I had only 9 blog posts published!

So I don’t think the number of posts plays a huge role. However, you should have at least a considerable number of posts in a particular category.

Special Note: Before you apply for Adsense approval, ensure you don’t have too many thin category pages. Otherwise, there are chances you will receive Low-content error and rejection.

And you’ll likely receive mail like this:

“You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for AdSense….”

I’m sure you can relate to this message if you have previously applied for Adsense and got rejected.

I got approved on the site with 9 posts; I had published them all in one category. So I would also advise you to have a minimal category with a considerable post on each category.

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#2. Have You Published The Important Formal Pages On Your Blog?


By important formal pages, I mean the following pages:

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Terms And Conditions Page

Out of these, the privacy, terms, and disclaimer are all important pages to incorporate into your website. Creating content and publishing blog posts after blog posts is good. But for AdSense approval, it is important that the site looks professional and includes all the necessary pages.

I want to highlight that please don’t forget to add those privacy policy pages, as, in my experience, they play a massive role in getting AdSense approval.

#3. Do You Have a Site Structure With Proper Navigation?


Site structure also plays an important role in increasing the likelihood of Adsense approval.

  1. Ensure you have a clear and easily visible header navigation
  2. Ensure all the important pages are linked in the header navigation

I remember, when I applied for the first time, I didn’t link the important pages like privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer in the website header. I did have them in the footer but not in the header navigation menu.

So before I applied the second time, I linked those important policy pages on the website header navigation menu. And guess what? I got approved.

This is not just with this site which I applied for Adsense. But I also experienced the same thing with my first site a few years back. It was hosted on the blogger platform.

At that time also, I got approved once I included the formal pages (like privacy policy, terms and conditions pages) links on the header navigation.

#4. Is Each Article Unique And Helpful?


As you can see in the above screenshot of the Google Adsense Eligibility Requirements page, they really give importance to the unique and original content.

Getting approval is surely hard if a site is just full of copied or rewritten content and doesn’t add any value. This applies not only to getting AdSense approval but also to a long-time blogging career.

Sites that don’t produce helpful, unique, or valuable content are easily outranked by those who do that hard work and produce such quality content.

Hence, it’s important to learn the required skills to create better content on the site.

#5. Are The Content Pieces You Publish Long Enough?


As a rule of thumb, you should at least aim for 1000 words for each blog post. (This is a general industry standard you can consider)

There’s no hard and fast rule, but longer and engaging posts are good for your website. 

There’s no specific word count requirement highlighted by Google Adsense. So it is better to stick with a general rule of 1000 words at least with each content.

Other Important Things To Keep In Mind:

Apart from all the tips I suggested, there are some general tips that I’m sure you are most likely aware of. But let’s just take a quick look.


You should be at least over 18 years old because Google Adsense only accepts in such a situation. Don’t worry, though; if you are under 18, you can take the help of your parents or guardian and sign up using their google account.


You should also consider other general information like your site’s content shouldn’t be in the restricted list as Google ads are not typically served in content with restrictions.

Special Note: Try to maintain a routine blog publishing schedule when you submit for Adsense Approval. I have personally experienced that it helps in getting a faster response from Adsense.

So let’s say you submit your site today for AdSense approval. 

  • Then, first, ensure you have very recently published a few posts.
  • Secondly, try to publish every day one good-quality, unique, and helpful blog posts in the meantime.
  • Continue publishing one blog post every day until you hear back from Adsense.

Publishing frequently will show that you really care about your site. Thus, a routine blog publishing schedule will increase the chances of getting a quick reply from Adsense.

Final Thoughts

In short, getting AdSense approval is not as hard as it may seem. I agree that you can get demotivated when you constantly get rejected and cannot figure out the exact reason. But never lose hope and consider the tips I shared in this post.

As I highlighted earlier, even I didn’t get AdSense approval the first time. But I kept publishing, and the very next day, I received the message, “Your site is now ready to serve ads on Adsense….”

So I strongly advise you to never lose hope and keep creating helpful content. I’m very optimistic that you will likely be accepted if you follow all the tips I shared in the article. Best of Luck!


How Much Traffic Is Required For Adsense Approval?

There is no specific requirement for traffic to get AdSense approval. However, having a few pageviews or monthly traffic won’t hurt since you only get significant earnings when enough visitors come and read your blog.

How Many Posts Required For Adsense Approval?

There is no specific requirement for posts to get Adsense approval. As long as there are quality articles and the site is well structured with proper navigation, one can get approval with as low as 9-10 articles.

Can You Get Adsense Approved On the Blogger Platform?

You can get AdSense approval from bloggers as well. There’s no major difference in requirements for getting approved by Adsense on either Blogger or any other platform.

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