Have a restaurant blog, but not sure what to post about? Then you are in the right place!

Through content marketing, you can drive visitors to your website and create brand awareness about your restaurant. But before creating quality content, you need to find ideas on which you will write the blog posts.

In this guide, I will share with you blog post ideas for your restaurant blog and also some helpful insights on what to post. So continue reading till the end to discover everything.

Here Are The Best Blog Post Ideas For Restaurants:


#1. Restaurant Blog Post Ideas For Region-Specific Audience

  1. Best Dishes To Try In _____ (Here, include the name of the location you want to target)
  2. Best Street Food To Eat In _____ (Your target location)
  3. Best Fast Food Restaurant In _____ (Fill the target location)
  4. What Area Of _____ Has The Best Food? (Fill The target location in the blank space)

So like that, you can create content for topics related to your local audience.

Note: Use the Google Auto Suggest feature to find more relevant ideas for your restaurant blog.

  • Simply go to the google search bar.
  • Type in a few words or phrases like “Best Foods To Eat In”… and then let Google Auto Suggest some location.
  • For instance, if your target audience is the whole United States and you are making a google search with your location turned on. Google will likely autosuggest the nearby places just like other users would do.

So if you do the google search, best foods to eat in te… and let google autosuggest, you will start getting auto-suggestion as follows:

  • Best foods to eat in texas
  • Best foods to eat in tennessee 

Similarly, you will get other suggestions if you try with other alphabets. So likewise, you can also experiment and play around with different search terms to find topic ideas.

These topics are likely to be searched by your target audience. So if you can create excellent content, like: “Top 11 Foods To Eat In Texas,” and if it ranks on Google, you can expect visitors to your blog.

If you are lucky enough, there may not be enough competition for the region you are trying to target. So there’s the opportunity where you can answer the reader’s query, provide them value and promote your business.

The best thing is that you can promote your restaurant business through banners or contextual links within the content. You can encourage the reader to check out your restaurant and order from you if they live nearby. Isn’t that cool?

Now, if your target audience is international and general food lovers, you can go for general keywords instead of region-specific ones.

#2. Restaurant Blog Post Ideas For General Worldwide Audience

  1. Why does restaurant food taste better?
  2. How do you decide what to order at a restaurant?
  3. Can restaurant food be frozen?
  4. How long do restaurants hold reservations?
  5. Can you take leftovers from a restaurant?
  6. Can restaurants take food back?
  7. What are the most popular food items ordered in restaurants?
  8. What is the oldest fast food restaurant?
  9. Best restaurant food for weight watchers
  10. Best restaurant food for upset stomach
  11. Best restaurant food for keto
  12. Best restaurant meals for diabetics
  13. Best fast food restaurant for breakfast
  14. Best fast food restaurants for bodybuilders
  15. Best fast food restaurant for chicken sandwiches
  16. Can a baby eat restaurant food?
  17. Can you eat restaurant food during pregnancy?
  18. Why are restaurant plates so heavy?
  19. Can you bring food from one restaurant into another?
  20. How often should you eat at restaurants?
  21. How to eat in a buffet restaurant?

Since all the above topics are the questions or topics your target reader (a food lover) is likely to have, it’s good to create blog post on those ideas.

Writing a blog post on what you think is best is not important. But writing on what your reader wants to know matters the most!

What Should I Post For A Restaurant Blog?


Determining your target audience is the first step in deciding what to write about. Asking the following questions can help you to identify your ideal customer for your business:

  • Which type of audience do you wish to attract to your restaurant?
  • What’s the age group of your audience – a rough idea?
  • What country specific your restaurant business based on? 
  • Are you targeting regional, national, or internal audiences?

Trust me; once you know your target audience, content creation becomes much easier. Because you know exactly for whom you are targeting your content. I hope you got the point.

Target Audience: Goal:Idea Content-Type:
Local Audience (City, State, or Country based)To Drive Visitors, Convert Them Into Customers, And Make PurchaseTarget what searches your target local customer would do related to your restaurants or foods.
International AudienceTo Drive Visitors, Convert Them Into Customers + Create Brand Awareness Worldwide.Target general searches about food and restaurants international audience would so + You can also create branded content (for brand awareness) once the blog becomes popular.

So depending on your restaurant business and the goals of your blog, your ideal customer, can vary. But the basic principle is the same – to attract visitors to your restaurant or cafe blog, create helpful content, create brand awareness, and also convert them into potential customers.

And there are different channels to drive visitors to your restaurant blog.

  1. Through Organic/Search Engines – You create content for the readers searching on specific topics. Then, when your posts rank on the search engine, you get visitors.
  2. Through Social Media – When you create social media posts, you can refer them to your blog post. For instance, you can use Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.

Organic Traffic is one of the best traffic sources because the visitors you get through it are much more targeted. They land on your post after they search a specific term on search engines like Google. 

So they have a specific intent, and if you can satisfy their intent through content and answer their questions or solve their problem, the chances of conversions increase.

On the other hand, on social media, the algorithm suggests your videos or content to the audience. There, the audience is not actively looking for the content (except for the search traffic on social media)

So you should always aim for organic traffic (along with social media traffic because all go hand-in-hand) to grow your restaurant blog. 

Final Thoughts – Should Restaurants Have Blogs?

In this digital age, most people spend a considerable time online, so content marketing is essential if you want to attract that audience. 

And for successful content marketing, it is essential to have a blog representing your restaurant business, where you can publish helpful content targeting your ideal customer.

If you don’t wish to drive more visitors online and you are satisfied with marketing in the offline market, it is not necessary. 

However, by running blogs for your restaurant business, you can create brand awareness and drive visitors to your blog. 

If you successfully choose the right topics and create the right content for the right audience, it’s worth it because of the benefits you get.

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