You start your blog and publish articles after articles. And finally, a time comes when you hit the mark of publishing 50 articles successfully. But when you look at your analytics, the graph doesn’t look promising. Sounds familiar? Then keep reading till the end.

Here’s How Much Organic Traffic Can Be Expected With 50 Articles On Blog

As a general rule, with 50 articles, you can expect at least 5000-25000 organic traffic per month, considering 100-500 traffic on each article. However, if you are not targeting the right keywords or the content quality is poor, you can struggle to receive any traffic.

Note: I have assumed you have given enough time to let your 50 posts perform well on the search engine. (Generally, it takes 3-6 months for a new blog to get enough traction on search engines.)

The core principles of getting organic traffic on a blog are simple, just like in any other business.

  • Finding the least competitive thing that is in demand (keyword)
  • Catering that demand in the best way you can (through content)

Golden Nugget #1: The topic you target is what ultimately determines how much traffic you are going to get.

Finding ‘low competition but high traffic keywords’ is the key – but it really takes time to learn the skill of finding it.

Why Trust Me? I’m a professional blogger and freelance content writer active in the industry since 2020. And before you think, let me tell you that the blog which you are reading right now is not my primary blog.

I run blogs in different niches, just like you, in hobby niche, pet niche, and others.

And as of writing this, I have blogs in my portfolio with different traffic ranges. I’m getting about 80k organic traffic per month on one of my blogs.

On the other hand, on my pet blog, I’m getting around 9k organic traffic per month.

I started both these sites roughly around the year 2020. And each of them has around 100+ articles as of now. Also, as you can see, more than 90% of my traffic is Organic.

How To Calculate How Much Organic Traffic You Can Get After 50 Articles?

Consider the average traffic per article per month!

Different bloggers have different estimations of getting organic traffic per month.

  • Some expect you to assume you would get 1K traffic per month on average on each of your blog posts.
  • While others expect you to see 500 per month
  • Some consider 300 traffic per month, while there could be others who think 100 to be a safe number to assume.

So what should you assume as average blog views per month per post?

It would be best to be conservative while estimating the traffic you will get per month on each blog post you publish. Things can go wrong, especially when you first start out with something.

Golden Nugget #2: Consider 100-500 traffic as a very good and realistic estimation of how much traffic you can get per month on each blog post.

The formula is simple:

(No. of traffic you get on 1 blog post per month) x (50 articles) = (Total Organic Traffic Per Month)

So here’s the calculation:

Traffic On Each PostNumber Of Articles= Total Traffic Per MonthStage
100505000Beginning Stage
2005010,000Decent Milestone
3005015,000Growing Phase
4005020,000Growing Phase
5005025,000Decent Earning Starts

How To Know How Much Traffic I Can Get Per Month On Each Blog Post?

Unless you get the actual traffic on your blog, all you would do is estimations. Keyword tools make it easy for you to make closer estimations in some cases. But still, you would be making an estimation.

#1. Decide The Type Of Blog You Are Working On:

  • Check the competition level of your blog: If there are many blogs in the niche following the same strategies as you use, naturally, the competition would be high, and you would have to dig deeper to find the right underserved keywords.
  • What type of audience are you targeting: Usually, English blogs face a bit more competition than blogs in other regional languages because more bloggers are active in that space. 

#2. Decide How Much Search Volume Keywords You Targeted:

Keyword Tools can give you closer estimations in some cases. Of course, the accuracy of keyword tools may differ based on the tools you use. But still, you have something to rely on rather than guessing.

So think about which kind of search volume of keyword topics you targeted.

Let’s say you target keywords with 10-20 search volume. In that case, also, remember that the actual traffic can vary.

Golden Nugget #3: You don’t just rank for 1 targeted keyword but multiple keywords. Google can rank your single article for many different search phrases. Also, your users may search for the same thing from different angles.

So for 10-20 search volume keywords, you can get below 100 organic traffic per month. Or instead, you may even start receiving 500-1000 plus organic traffic per month.

But at the end of the day, we have to set some expectations. So you can stick with the search volume of the keywords, assuming them to be true, and estimate the traffic accordingly.

What If You Don’t Use Any Keyword Tools:

That’s also fine. You are likely using google auto suggest to find keywords that people are actually looking for on the web.

Golden Nugget #4: Remember, while following this method, don’t go too much deeper with auto-suggest as you would likely encounter less search volume keywords. 

The autosuggest method works well if you select the right topics that are underserved on the web but have enough demand.

Of course, you don’t have any numbers to rely on using this method. So, in that case, you can choose the general rule of thumb estimation of getting 100-500 traffic per month from each blog post.

What To Do If I’m Not Getting Enough Organic Traffic Even After Publishing 50 Blog Posts?

It’s more than a year, and you are still stuck at only around 1k-2k traffic with 50 blog posts? Then it’s a good time to take a pause and reflect on things before publishing further new articles.

Check #1: How much organic traffic each blog post gets per month and their position for the targeted search term.

Do the blog posts dominate the search results page with almost #1 or #2 rankings? But still, you are not getting enough traffic? Then, the keyword research didn’t go well.

You have likely targeted the keywords with very low search volume (demand), which is why you see such less traffic.

How To Improve? Start targeting keywords with more search volume. That’s it! 

Check #2: Your blog posts aren’t ranking well despite giving them enough time to rank. 

In general, 1 year should be enough for a post to start showing its full organic traffic potential (except for some exceptions).

If the post is not ranking on page 1, then the problem is with the content.

How To Improve? Check whether or not your posts are meeting the SEARCHER’S INTENT – the thing the readers are actually expecting from your post. And also, check what unique value you are giving to your readers.

Golden Nugget #5: Finding The Right Keyword Is Only Half Done – Quality Content Leads You Towards Your Goal.

Final Thoughts

Your chances of success mainly depend on the topic you choose and how well you fulfill the reader’s expectations through your content. If both go well, you can soon start seeing a positive trend in your Google Analytics Report.

And remember, 50 articles are not just enough. Nowadays, you have to publish at least 100 blog posts to start seeing significant results. I hope this post helps!

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