Services I Offer:

Content Writing

  1. SEO Blog Posts
  2. B2B Content
  3. SaaS Content
  4. Digital Marketing Content
  5. Niche Site Content

Email Copywriting

  1. Newsletters
  2. Promotional Emails
  3. Personalized Emails
  4. Sales Pitch Emails
  5. Product Launch Emails

Keyword Research

  1. Low Competition Keywords
  2. High Volume Keywords
  3. Topical Authority Based Keywords
  4. Brand SEO Keywords
  5. Content Planning And Strategizing

Content Editing

  1. Standard Content Editing
  2. Updating Old Content
  3. Doing SEO Content Audit
  4. Forming Content Strategy
  5. Improving Underperforming Content

For exact rates of any particular project, please contact me since each project will have different rates based on the project complexity and time commitment.